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Industry News:
Some clauses of proposed duty free tobacco products bill (prohibition of advertisement regulation) sparked panic among the wholesale cigarette Australia dealers who are plannig a "larger movement," if some amendments are not incorporated in the bill before being passed in the parliament.
"As the bill is meant for public interest, we are not opposing it altogether, but some clauses are threatening enough to finish small panwalas who are solely dependent on wholesale cigarettes and other cheap tobacco products in Canada," Manbodh Singh, president of Rajakatra Wholesale Cigarette Outlet Association which controls 25 per cent business tobacco market in West Bengal, said.
According to one of the clauses of the proposed bill, no Panwallah will be allowed to store, sell, and distribute cheap tax free tobacco products in Australia within 100 meters of radius of any educational, health and religious institutions. "Our survey reveals 75 per cent 1.5 lakh panwallahs in the state will be out of business or rendered unemployed, if this clause exists," Singh said.
The other clause which promised serious punishment to all those caught in the act of selling wholesale cigarettes and tobacco products to the minors, is apprehended to encourage police harassment. "Can we ask for birth certificate while selling wholesale cigarettes?"